G1 My Little Pony ~ First and Second Edition Rainbow Ponies
(top) Starshine, Skydancer, Moonstone, Windy, Sunlight and Parasol
(bottom) Flutterbye, Tickle, Starflower, Pinwheel, Trickles, and Confetti
Don’t worry you’ll find it!! I once left it in my card in my pocket, you’ll just need to play detectives until you find it ;) ~sending sherlock waves to you~

Thank you for the Sherlock waves! I found it!! The darn thing had slipped under the organizer I usually keep it in. Must be more careful!



Sunny Daze - requested by froth

eeeeeee she’s wonderful!

Aha! Found my sd card! It had slipped beneath my desk organizer! Good thing I decided to dust lol. Yay! Stand by for pony photos!

madwomanwithdolls: Hello fellow pony collector! I have a question about cleaning G1 ponies! I just bought one (Cupcake!) and I love her so much! She's one of the 'so soft' flocked ponies and light in color so all the little dark spots and small marks really show on her. I will love her stains and all but it would be nice to clean or the lighten the flaws without risking damage to the flocking. Thank you! -Cupcake and general pony enthusiast <3

Hi! Congrats on buying Cupcake! She’s on my wish list :D The flocking on So Soft ponies is delicate, so you’re smart to poke around online before jumping in. While the flocking easily gets dirty from dust and dirt, it’s easy to wash that out.

Run her body under warm water and take foaming hand soap and gently wash her. For stubborn dirt, you can do some good scrubbing. If that doesn’t work, try dish soap (not detergent). It shouldn’t remove the flocking, but keep a close eye on it. Dish soap is very tough on dirt. Using a toothbrush GENTLY may help with stubborn dirt.

If the stains are still there, try OxiClean spray and gently scrub with a toothbrush. I’ve whitened So Soft ponies with this before.

Good luck!

all-the-pony-gens: HI! I just want to say you have an awesome blog. Also: how do you get your ponies so clean in your pictures? they look so lovely and shiny!

Thanks so much! I love yours too!! I love to regularly wash my ponies to keep them dirt and dust free. They don’t always come to me so clean, so I have to put in some elbow grease to make them look brand new. Here are a few of my guides (always a work in progress) to different levels of cleaning:

Starglow’s Guide to General Washing & Care»

Starglow’s Guide to Identifying Pony Problems & Conditions»

Starglow’s Guide to Pony Maintenance Care»

Starglow’s Guide to Pony Body Care»

Starglow’s Guide to Pony Hair Care»

Starglow’s Guide to Boil Perms»

Pretty mad at my myself right now. I got my new ponies and background set up to take photos of them and the sd card isn’t in my camera. It’s not in any of my computers. Not in my desk. Not anywhere. Can’t believe I did that. Ugh.

Ugh ugh ugh. *head/desk*