donugee: I know your comp with windows 8 is old news at this point, but I'd just like to say I ordered a new Dell and when I selected win7 rather than 8 the price went UP. Dell is aware that 8 is terrible so they're technically charging more for older software! Windows 8 literally IS Satan's OS.



omg it isn’t old news because I am STILL trying to make it work. If there is a problem with Win8 I have it. At first, nobody at Best Buy told me I needed an adapter with my after market graphics card they put in so I couldn’t even start the thing. My internet goes out every couple minutes (the wifi works fine on my ipad and other devices) so it takes days to download all the updates, drivers, antivirus and malwarebytes, and omg Office 2013 has been a nightmare. After two days I finally have it downloaded and installed, and MS Word freezes CONSTANTLY.

I’m about to throw this whole system out the window. What a waste of money.

I bought a new computer with Windows 8 on it, and after a few months I was so frustrated I bought a new copy of Windows 7 to install AND THEN IT REFUSED TO INSTALL IT, and when that computer died shortly afterwards I didn’t even try to get it fixed, I just bought a new one (I think a Dell or Toshiba?) that had Windows 7 on it.

I had so many bugs with Windows 8, and its STUPID APPS would open and there seemed to be literally no way to close them.  It also wouldn’t let me have more than one window open on the screen at a time?!?!  I think the name of the product is “Windows”, not “Window”??

It’s like Microsoft forgot that it’s not Apple. Don’t break a good thing, you goons!



Seriously though, I miss ponies having forelocks and shorter manes. Hairplay is a big part of MLP, I get it, but I really think the toys just look … BETTER … without manes down to their feet. And forelocks are so cute.

Agreed! Honestly I think they…

Haha you don’t need to look closely to tell if a pony is a retro release.

Does she stand? If no, then you’ve got a retro imposter!


Forget-Me-Not (by Sakura Mashiro)

Sandcastle and Shovels enjoy a beautiful day on the beach ☀️

Baby Pearly the merpony. She was one of my very first mlps and probably still my favorite. 

G1 My Little Pony ~ 1983 Rainbow Pony “Parasol”

German “pale” TE Speedy

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Rainbow Pinkie Pieby Chii—-Chan